Sinead FitzPatrick Plagge

I joined this community shortly after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Western Washington University. Upon completing my degree, I started my career at Skagit Valley College as a Coordinator in the WorkFirst program.  Through this position I discovered my passion for assisting students realize their educational and professional goals.  I knew that in order to best advocate for these students that I needed to further my education. In an effort to further my leadership and management skills, I enrolled and completed my Master’s degree in Continuing and College Education. In my various roles at the college, I have capitalized on every opportunity to advocate for students and have created student-centered systems that promote access and achievement.  Recently, I was hired as the Associate Dean of Enrollment Services where my focus is to create a welcoming and supportive experience for new and returning students.

Throughout my career at Skagit Valley College, I have received unwavering support from leadership in pursuit of my professional and educational goals. I was fortunate to have Laura Callioux, previous SWAN women of the year recipient, as a mentor and former supervisor. Her encouragement and belief in me has been instrumental in my professional success and achievement. I feel that the mission of SWAN so closely aligns with the values I hold close and allows me to support other women as I have been supported in the past. For these reasons I am excited to serve on the SWAN board.